Posted by: aptapia | March 25, 2011

A Town is Convinced to Light It Up Blue

David Kahle, proud father of a son with autism, found a unique way to support the Light It Up Blue campaign.  Watch how he gets his city council to wear the Autism Speaks pins and provide two separate proclamations.  He also signed up over 25 stores and restaurants, not to mention the street lights, to go blue in his town.

David is also a team member of Parker’s Parade.  Click here to support his Walk team.

This is first installment of the chronicles so stay tuned for one to come each week throughout the month of April.



  1. Looking forward to lighting up the club BLUE in honor of Autism Awareness. Once we have details, we’ll post about the “Blue Smoothie Party” fundraising event at The Main Solution!

  2. wow. that video was awesome! i love to see other people like myself take part in trying to light up their town blue.
    unfortunatly my small town in groveport,ohio was not as willing to participate with me like their town was. This is my first year in lighting it up blue. Next year is going to be great because i made a promise to myself not to give up until people say yes! spreading awareness is key and i wont stop until the world knows that this crisis is serious and we all need to open our eyes! Thank you for showing this video and thank you to the millions that are taking part in this campaign which is today! im typing with blue fingernails right now! :)

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