Posted by: Autism Speaks | January 29, 2011

Online Fundraising Training 2011: Registration

It’s easy to register. Watch episode 2 for some tips and tricks:

Find a Walk near you at:



  1. How do you expect us to register for something when we don’t even know when it is? It would be nice if you mentioned the date of the walk so we could check our calendars and make sure we are available.

  2. Please let me know exactly what time and, of course, where?!? Is it at Nova SE University? Thanks sooo much!!!! See you there!!!

    • Hi Anna,
      Yes, the Broward Walk Now for Autism Speaks will be at the The Sherman Library Green on Nova Southeastern University on Saturday, April 9, 2011. Registration begins at 8:30 am and the Walk begins at 10am. For more information visit or email

  3. I agree with Robin – The date, time, and location of the walk seems like basic info you would want to post before making people jump through hoops to get enrolled. We tried to enroll in a walk before and had a difficult time enrolling. Some basic organizational skills are in order here.

    • Hi Shane, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble. I’m happy to register you for your local Walk. You can also find event details under the Event Information tab on your local Walk site. Please reach out if you have any other questions – or 323.297.4760.

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