Posted by: Autism Speaks | January 29, 2011

Online Fundraising Training 2011: Build Your Page

No programming required.. build and edit your page until it’s perfect! Share your page in the comments!



  1. My team and myself is a set of individuals that wants to help walk for autism.

    • Thank you for the gracious support.
      Myself and my cousin will be walking for the first time this year and would love the support of another allied individual team. From what i get, the total amount they want you to raise is at least 150.00$; personally with the support of another team , we can surely raise at least 300.00-500.00$.
      I could really use the help; and more then me , the children need it.
      Thank you kindly

      • Hi Terrell, I’d be happy to get you in touch with your local Walk Manager who can help you with fundraising ideas and support. What Walk are you participating in? You can call me at 323.297.4760 or email me at Thank you, Shawna Sopp

  2. I can’t login! I can’t update anything since I can’t get to my page!

    • Hi Judi, I’ve sent you a password reset link. If you continue having any issues, please feel free to reach out to me: 323.297.4760 or

  3. I live in the Louisville, KY area and would really like to get a walk started here. Is that a possibility?
    Thanks, Kim

  4. I am very interested in having a Fundraiser for our local walk/teams but not sure who to get ahold of? I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant and Scentsy has an Autism cause warmer and all proceeds are donated to Autism Speaks! If anyone is interested in more info or knows how I can get ahold of local teams please let me know. Thank You

    • Hi Kristy, I’m happy to put you in touch with your local walk staff to discuss holding a fundraiser. Where are you located? You can also reach out to me directly at 323.297.4760 or Thank you!

      • Thanks Shawna I have sent you an email

  5. how can I start a fund raising on the net?I like to be part of this organization to help kids in need .

  6. Im really confused on how to start this autism run n how to get people to donate. Please inform me

    • Luanna,

      Please email us at if you have questions about the Walk and how to fundraise. We would love to help you!

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