Posted by: Autism Speaks | December 16, 2010

Online Fundraising Training 2011: Welcome

Welcome to the first in our series of short, fun videos designed to help you get the most out of your fundraising experience. This series will include short videos on how to build and edit your personal page, send e-mails and much more!



  1. Hello. I need to get my password so I can get to my page where I get people to donate money on behalf of my son. I walked last year at COney Island,and I want to get more people involved. I was on Team CPS.,but this year I decided to have my own team. [contact info redacted]

    • Hi Lonia,
      I’m resetting your password now. Please reach out to me if you continue having issues. Shawna Sopp – 323.297.4760

  2. Hello I’m trying to pull up my team page from 2010. Do I have to register and build my team page all over again?

    • Whitney, You do have to re-register for the Walk but make sure to use the same username/password from last year so you will have access to your address book and past donors. Thank you for your support! Patty

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