Posted by: Autism Speaks | November 11, 2010

2010 National Walk Now for Autism Speaks

On Saturday morning, November 6th over 8,000 people joined together to Walk Now for Autism Speaks on the National Mall. The largest crowd ever assembled in our nation’s capital for autism walked from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument and raised over $750,000 for research, awareness, family services, and advocacy.

The beautiful day was enhanced by special guests WUSA-9 meteorologist Topper Shutt; WLZL 99.1 FM “El Zol’s Patricia di Lima; and the infamous Hogettes. Dena Abrams once again kicked off the Walk with her beautiful, stirring rendition of the National Anthem. This year’s walk marks the tenth walk that the DC autism community has walked to fund research.

Our very special guest, Grammy-nominated soul singer Bilal, treated the crowd to his new song “Little One,” dedicated to his eight-year old son who has autism. Bilal sang:

They say it’s going to take a miracle
To bring you back again
They say there’s nothing they can do

But I’m not the only one who sees
the possibility in you
You know your mother sees it too

No matter what it takes
I’ll make sure that you find your way

I know how much you’ve been trying
Little One….

For more information about the Walk, please visit our Facebook page at



  1. Our “Team Josie” had a wonderful time at the Walk. It was so moving to see so many families facing the same challenges as ours, with the knowledge that the money raised will hopefully bring about a cure for Autism. I only wish I had more time to speak with and get to know more of you!

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