Posted by: Autism Speaks | September 30, 2010

2010 Portland Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Geoffrey and Ian are excited to meet each other! Ian’s Team is the top team for the Portland Walk, raising over $6,600 to date!

Our 2nd Annual Portland Walk Now for Autism Speaks event took place this past Saturday, September 25th on a beautiful sunny day with 1,000 family members, friends, and colleagues coming from across Oregon and Southern Washington to show their support!

Our Walk, co-chaired by the superb Dan Yedinak and Kristi Moreland, has raised $65,000 to date with more donations coming in and post-walk fundraising events being planned and finalized now!

Our teams were extremely creative at this year’s Walk with tons of original shirts that were a sight to behold! Plus, as one of our Grand Club Members would check in, they were greeted to cowbells and cheering before being escorted to our special Grand Club Tent for some exclusive goodies and treats by our fantastic Young Marine volunteers! Thank you to Bill Kayser, Omar Shaar, Mike Gilbert, Carlton Stuebing, Jennifer Auman, Craig Tiffany, Joy Whitmore, Brittainy Tiffany, Sherry Cook, Duane Cook, and Christine Darby – all fantastic members of our 2010 Portland Grand Club! (Plus, we have a few more people who are close to joining us this month!)

One amazing piece to our Walk this year was our Opening Ceremonies featuring multiple stories of why each of our speakers walk. They were amazing, heartfelt stories that touched the crowd and really brought home why everyone was there to celebrate that day! Thank you to everyone who participated and made this part of the Event that much more special!

We would also like to thank our terrific sponsors for our 2010 Event – Inspiration Mixes, OHSU, the Portland Children’s Museum, and ECLATH, Inc. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our Toys’R’Us Team and Geoffrey, who celebrated his birthday with us!

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and supported our families, friends, and colleagues who made it out to enjoy a wonderful morning with us! We couldn’t make the strides we are making without you! Thank you!!! 

For more information about the Walk, please visit our Facebook page at


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