Posted by: Autism Speaks | June 21, 2010

Why I Walk – A Song of Hope

I had the pleasure of meeting the Chair of our Cincinnati Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Kristi Howell, last week. Kristi has four children, one with autism. She shared an inspiring story with me about her daughter, who was non-verbal for a few years. Upon discovering that she could sing, her daughter learned how to communicate. Last month, Kristi’s daughter Leslie performed at the Walk – a remarkable display of hope.

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  1. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, this gives me hope that our little Bo will begin to talk!

  3. Thank you. This was wonderful to see.

  4. My daughter is non verbal — 2 years old. She sings all the time. This gives me hope, thank you.

  5. that was just way too inspiring for words
    are those her own lyrics, too?
    what courage, thank you

    • It is a Miley Cyrus song … but it fits!

  6. We were at the Walk NOW for Autism Speaks in Toronto this Sunday and saw another story so similiar. Just amazing and give grandparents the hopw for our little ones we have such joy watching as they develop :-)

  7. amazing.. our children are truly a gift from god!!!

  8. great performance Leslie….keep it up!

  9. Sing your heart out little kristi!!!! amarican idol here you come You are Hope sweetie!!!! God Bless!!!

  10. It gave me chills when I first her voice. What a great inspiring song. There is always strength within us.

  11. My son is non-verbal he is four, this gives me hope that he would talk someday

  12. I think that is awesome. I know the mother was soooo very proud..

  13. That was great. She spoke her heart in that song and it was wonderful. A very beautful girl. You can tell she has a hear of gold.

  14. I have a 14 years old Autistic son. She is very Amazing…..Wow….

  15. There is always hope. My son was between 4 and 5 when he started to communicate effectively. Spelling was the key for him.

  16. Great performance Leslie! These kids are amazing!

  17. It makes me very hopeful that someday my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter will be able to talk!

  18. How beautiful. This just goes to prove even further that children with autism can accomplish so many things- and that their own talents and brilliance will inevitably shine through and beat the odds that attempt to stop them. God bless all of you that have children or relatives with autism and I pray that all of them will have their chance to shine.

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