Posted by: Autism Speaks | June 2, 2010

Why I Walk – April is Like Christmas

This is a guest post by Sue Garlow, who is a  Northern New Jersey Walk Now for Autism Speaks committee member.

I was driving home at lunchtime to get Kyle off his bus and feeling very happy and lucky, not only because I have two beautiful boys but also because I have Autism Speaks in my life. Because of Autism Speaks it’s almost like it’s Christmastime when Autism Awareness Month rolls around each April. I actually get excited for the month to begin. I know I can get all the information I want all year long from Autism Speaks, but in April more stories come out, there’s more information on the news each day, there’s always something in the paper about autism and people are talking about autism.  The parents are getting all of this information because of the efforts over the past five years that Autism Speaks has made to try to make our lives and our childrens’ live a little easier and happier. April is my “happy month.”  I’m blessed to have Kyle who teaches me something new each day but I’m also blessed to have you and Autism Speaks because there is a wealth of information for me so I can make a better life for Kyle and our family.


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