Posted by: smofadmin | April 23, 2010

You Never Know Who You’re Talking to…

Submitted by Debbie and Jody Gaunt, members of Cade’s Crusaders team.

2009 Chicago Walk Now for Autism Speaks

A gentleman that my husband works with had stated he was going to donate to the Walk and that he planned also to walk with us.  He asked my husband how much he wanted and my husband said whatever you want to give is fine.  He then turned his paycheck over, signed his name and wrote pay to the order of Autism Speaks Chicago Walk.  This check was for $2,083.33! 

I asked my husband if he cried because I for sure would have.  He said no but almost.  Sometimes what we receive is so much more than what we ask. 

Thank you so much kind sir. 

To learn more about the Chicago Walk, go to



  1. We have been blessed with another co-worker who last week sent a check for $ 1,000.00!!! His name is Dan Wagner and he is a true Hero to us.
    Along with Mr Takao Nagai who donated the $2,000.00 + a few weeks ago will we will help make a impact on our kids furture. Thank so much.

  2. Wow! That was a really great story. It makes you have faith in people again. Sometimes you feel like your bothering people asking for donations. A guy like that gives you the motivation to keep trying. Good luck with your walk.
    John Shive/Collin’s Crusaders(NJ)

  3. How wonderful to know that there are truly kind, beautiful and caring people still in the world that care about people who are suffering both inwardly and outwardly with this disease. I wish you all the best and hope that everyone can encounter people like this for their fundraising, if not purely for the monetary help, then simply for the fact that to know that finally, there is hope that people in this world truly do care. God bless and good luck!

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