Posted by: Autism Speaks | April 17, 2010

Pancakes Prove Profitable at Local School

This entry written by student Jack Wheeler.

This past March I did research and spoke about the Non- profit organization Autism Speaks. All students in eighth grade at Monsignor Haddad Middle School were required to do a Non-profit speech. I chose this organization because I felt the largest connection to it because my brother, Joseph, has been diagnosed with autism. After completing my presentation I learned that my homeroom had to do a service project in the month of March. I know March isn’t Autism Awareness Month but I still offered up the idea donating our proceeds to Autism Speaks. We decided to have a pancake lunch for the whole school. We organized who was bringing what supplies and on the day of the big pancake lunch we went down early from class to start setting up and begin cooking all the food. Before long the first lunch of sixth graders were piling in and we got ready to serve. They all lined up ready to eat, paid for their meal, and then one by one we served them their food. After the sixth grade the seventh and eighth grades were more or less the same. After all the three lunches had poured through we had earned well over five hundred dollars.


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