Posted by: Autism Speaks | March 4, 2010

How to Get Some Help … So You Can Get A Break

You deserve a break!  Having a family member with autism can be a challenge.  It’s easy for families to get over-stressed as they deal with their family’s needs, juggle medical and therapy appointments, and manage work and other responsibilities.  Read more.

This month’s Community Connections is dedicated to helping you learn more about respite services, how to get them, and how to find a worker who meets your family’s needs. Plus, sign up and each month we’ll send you the latest edition of Community Connections direct by e-mail. Sign up today!



  1. I think this is great…I have a seventeen year old son with Autism. I wish I would of know before about this Austism Speaks.

  2. 4months ago found out that my 6year old has had here at 34 and she is my only. i would love to get involved in any and everything to help.please contact me. i would love to walk for autisum.please send me any information about that and any other fund raisers.i need to get involved in activites to stay sane;-) its hard and overwellming and i am a single parent. trying to hold on to my job,they dont understand that i have to go through these apotiments,so i run to the apotiments and back to work,gas and my junk car,lord help!buti do it for my baby ;-)

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