Posted by: Autism Speaks | February 23, 2010

First Grand Club Member in Lehigh Valley!

 This guest post is by seven-year-old Daniel Garrou, who is the first Lehigh Valley Grand Club Member of 2010.   

Daniel (left) with his brothers James (middle) and Thomas (right)

Hi!  My name is Daniel Garrou and I’m seven years old. My team is Double the Adventure. I walk because my brothers, James and Thomas both have autism.  James also has leukemia. Some games are easy for them to play with and some they have more difficulty. They might make silly sounds or crazy words since they have autism.  I hope the Walk will stop autism soon.  Please sponsor now!   

I am the first person this year to be in the Grand Club of the Lehigh Valley and I hope lots of people will join me. Let’s have teams a mile long at the Walk!   

The Walk is a great day.  There are special games that kids might like, including face painting (if your kid is good at sitting still), moon bounces for kids who like to jump, and we have probably just what your kid likes. There are different kinds of food that your child might like. There are fire trucks and characters from Star Wars and other things.  There are balloons too!  It’s a really fun day.   

Thank you for your help!
Daniel Garrou

To view a video message from Daniel, click here.



  1. Great letter Daniel. Love Grandma

  2. Go Daniel and team Double the Adventure!

  3. What a wonderful brother and a great example of service to everyone! Thanks for sharing your letter.

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