Posted by: Autism Speaks | February 19, 2010

Thank You for the 100 Day Kit!

Today’s post is by Josie in Tracy, California.  She first became aware of Autism Speaks when her son, Kolby, was diagnosed with autism, and she received a 100 Day Kit from Autism Speaks.  Read her story of how the kit provided her with an invaluable resource.  Her team, PRE-K ALL THE WAY, participated in the Central Valley 2009 Walk and now Josie is a member of the 2010 Central Valley Walk Now for Autism Speaks planning committee.

Dear Autism Speaks:

I just want to say “Thank you!” When our two-and-a-half-year-old son, Kolby, was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, I was lost. My husband didn’t want to accept the diagnoses. I felt alone. I wanted to do everything right for our son. I just didn’t have a clue where to start.

We had all these diagnosis papers with no solutions – no step-by-step guides. I started researching on the Internet and ran across I saw that there was a free ‘100 Day Kit’ for newly diagnosed families.  I gladly gave them my information and within a week I received a package. I was really impressed. The binder was an organized step-by-step kit which helped me organize my son’s diagnosis papers. I dug in and started  researching and the page-by-page help was incredible. It covered everything from organizing all the documents to family denial, and being comfortable to speak to others about your child’s autism.

My most pressing question was, “How do I get the help my child needs?” My son is non-verbal so I wanted him to get help as soon as possible.  I had no idea that at two-and-a-half years old my son could get started at an early intervention autism program through Valley Mountain Regional Center in Stockton. They came to our home.  Kolby was not so sure about it all, but he did start growing fond of the visits for speech. When he was three years old it was time for a Independent Education Program (IEP) provided through my local public school district. I called the school district and scheduled the pre-school assessment team to come and see what kind of programs they could offer Kolby. I was so happy!  I felt like I was put in the right direction thanks to Autism Speaks’ 100 Day kit!

I can proudly say that my husband and all of our family are working together as a team to help our Kolby these days. I was lost but now I am found! Thank you so much Autism Speaks; I will forever be supportive of this cause.



  1. What an amazing woman you are Josie! You are an amazing momma too! Love you! Very well written.

  2. Often communicating with the general public can be difficult. it would be nice to send information to the whole world. I just smile and keep going despite the looks of misunderstanding.

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