Posted by: Autism Speaks | November 12, 2009

Why I Walk – To Put the Pieces of the Puzzle Back Together

sean cap

When I think back to the day when all the pieces of the puzzle scattered apart, I felt a sense of panic. Autism, PDD … what is that? Sean is too happy and healthy for a three-year-old boy to have such a big word attached to him. As I began to read and understand how to work with my son, the word became smaller and manageable. Now I see how he looks and associates with things and we work together to overcome obstacles. 

 I have been blessed to have a great school system that has been the backbone of Sean’s success. They work WITH me to make sure he is getting the proper education and knowledge that he needs to become successful. Yes, there are ups and downs but together we try to find ways of achievement at the third grade level. Various techniques become necessary to acquire learning at various levels. At the end of each day, after a full day’s work, I look forward to reviewing schoolwork with my son; when I see him smile and learn, it all fits perfectly together. It makes it worthwhile.

What Walk Now for Autism Speaks has shown me is: 

Success – I hear the myriads of success stories along the route.
Happiness – because I am not alone.
Wisdom – to know that there is so much out there, so many people out there willing to help and lend an ear.
That I am not alone – I see other families going through the same obstacles that I go through each and every day.

I can turn to Autism Speaks to try to put those pieces of the puzzle back together. Help, understanding, knowledge, and above all, HOPE.

Thank you so much for all you do on a day-to-day basis, for not only Sean and me, but for all of those families who have just begun autism’s journey.

By Lisa Healey
New Hampshire Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Two Walk Now for Autism Speaks events were held last weekend in Jacksonville and Estero, Florida.

Would you like to share with our community why you walk? Please send 300 words or fewer and a photo to us at


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