Posted by: Autism Speaks | November 3, 2009

Why I Walk: To Be a Part of the Autism Community


My son, Brody, was very recently diagnosed with autism. We are so new to this disorder and the world that comes with it. As the months prior to Brody’s diagnosis were particularly difficult (we saw many behaviors worsen and new problems develop), this Walk has made me think about parents of children with autism. Children affected by autism cannot properly explain what they are going through. But as a parent I can tell you how difficult it is to watch your child struggle and see them lost in this world of autism. I work to bring my son back from that world. As I have gotten my son into therapies and special education programs, he has made some small improvements that have made a huge difference in his life and ours.

As I try to handle the problems that come with this disorder, I read about the parents and children in this battle. Every day, their stories motivate and inspire me to try harder, understand, be more patient and love my child. I see the many therapists and teachers work with Brody who are overjoyed at his improvements.

Walk Now for Autism Speaks is a wonderful event for us to participate in, especially because Brody has recently been diagnosed. To me, the Walk is a “welcome and good luck” to our family from this community. I know the community consists of special education teachers, relatives, parents, and amazing organizations like SARRC (Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center). All of these people are players in this battle. It is amazing to be around so many other people who are affected by autism. You can feel the motivation, support, love and determination to fight this disorder, find its cause and one day make autism what it once was: a rare disorder.

I walk for my son.

I walk for my husband and myself.

I walk for other children who have autism and their parents.

By Golda Miller, mom to Brody – 3 years old/autism
Mesa, Ariz.

Two Walk Now for Autism Speaks events took place this past week – Arizona and National Capital Area (Washington, D.C.).

Would you like to share with our community why you walk? Please send 300 words or fewer and a photo to us at



  1. When I read why you walk, its like you were expressing my thoughts. My son Josh is 5 and has autism.

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