Posted by: smofadmin | October 19, 2009

Why We Walk: To Make a Better Life for Our Kids

Team Kendall

Team Kendall

Although it was a miserable day in Boston, the weather did nothing to dampen the spirit of the crowd that gathered at Suffolk Downs yesterday. You see, when you’re fighting for a generation of children, a little Nor’easter ain’t gonna stand in your way. So, along with 10,000 other hearty souls, Team Kendall slogged through the driving, frozen rain around a mud laden track.

But we were ebullient. Like everyone else who braved the elements yesterday, we were carried by HOPE. We were carried by a common purpose. We were carried by our conviction that we can make a better life for our beautiful children. Most importantly, we were carried by YOU – by your love, your support and your generosity.

Team Kendall contributed over $10,000 to the $865,000 (and counting!) raised by the Walk to date.

The money matters.

1 in 91 children.

1 in 91.

It matters.

Thank you so very much for your incredibly generous support of Team Kendall and Autism Speaks from the bottom of our hearts. We could not do this without you.

By Jess Wilson
Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Would you like to share with our community why you walk? Please send 300 words or fewer and a photo to us at


  1. GOOD FOR YOUR GUYS!! We walked in central NJ yesterday too. Not the best of weather conditions either. I chose to leave the kids at home for the first time in 5 years, but still the energy and emotion of this event never ceases to overwhelm me with hope. This is why I could never NOT walk, and apparently the same goes for you!! :)

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