Posted by: Autism Speaks | October 6, 2009

New Hampshire Walk Now for Autism Speaks


On Sunday, October 4, 1,800 walkers on more than 120 teams gathered at Greeley Park in Nashua for the seventh annual New Hampshire Walk Now for Autism Speaks, raising $170,000. The weather was cloudy and crisp, but the spirits were sunny and bright as the walkers stepped-off at 11:00 a.m. to celebrate their efforts on behalf of Autism Speaks.  Thanks to Wireless Zone for their continuing visionary sponsorship, to Coca Cola for the beverages and to T-Bones for providing the Walk day food. Wrap-around fundraising events were a large part of the Walk’s fundraising success. Mike Gibeault organized a great men’s hockey tournament which raised nearly $27,000.  Neil Stone and his crew, including committee member Heather Valcanas, raised over $10,000 with a karate kickathon. Many thanks to the Walk Co-Chairs Sue Parker and Kristine Hodgson, who were ably assisted by committee members Heather Valcanas and Amy Clement. And, of course, thanks to National Walk Sponsor Toys”R”Us and Geoffrey for their support and participation. Read more about the Walk here and become a fan of the New Hampshire Walk Now for Autism Speaks on Facebook.



  1. do you know when the 2010 nh one is? i can not for the life of me find it anywhere. thanks!!

    • Hello @mafiamom. The date for the 2010 New Hampshire Walk Now for Autism Speaks event has not been set. You can add them on facebook here or visit

  2. thanks so much! i wasnt sure if i was missing the date or not. =) have a great day!!

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