Posted by: Autism Speaks | September 11, 2009

Online Fundraising Training: Sending Fundraising E-mails

Learn how to send effective e-mails to raise money for the walk. Share your best e-mail appeals in the comments section!

For more information, guides and help, please log-in to your fundraising headquarters.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your story’s. I have a grandson that’s 3 years old. He has PDD-NOS a form of Austism. We found out early and was lucky to get him help. He goes to a special school. That has helped A LOT. They work with his motor skills. I have seen a great improvement in him. I feel there was reason God put him in are lifes. We don’t love him any less, we love him more. Just like your daughter. Good luck! she in your life for a reason.

  2. I would like to sign up for late registration for the Autism Walk and can’t find a tab for volunteers. I think I might already be registred. Can you check and see for me please?

    My name is Kathy Huyssoon
    27823 W. Bridlewood Drive
    Castaic, CA 91384
    femail – 07/06/1958

    Let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank You in advance for taking care of this matter for me.

    Kathy Huyssoon

    • Kathy,

      You are registered as a volunteer for the LA Walk. If you have other questions, please contact them at Thanks! Patty

  3. need help getting a form emailed to me to print so people could donate at my job

  4. I am on a team and havent reached my goal. Is there a min amount I need to raise? What happens if I cant reach the goal?

    • Hi Jessica, Don’t worry – we don’t require you to raise a minimum amount for the walks. Raising $150 will get you a Walk t-shirt, however, so a lot of people strive for that.

  5. I have only raised $50 is that still okay enough to walk? I am still actively trying but its harder than I thought it would be.

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