Posted by: Autism Speaks | August 30, 2009

Welcome to the Walk Now for Autism Speaks Blog

Hello world, and welcome to the “official” Walk Now for Autism Speaks blog! This blog is designed to give you all the information about the Walk Now for Autism Speaks events that take place around the world. We’ll update you on how to maximize your fundraising success, connect you with other walkers in your area and from around the world and talk to you about all things Autism Speaks.

Please do feel free to leave comments and to share your videos and photos from your local events.

We’ve put some great information in the different tabs for walkers, captains, volunteers and even for donors, but the real action is here on the blog. We’ll do demonstrations of how to set up your site, how to use video, Facebook and Twitter to maximize your fundraising and lots more.

We’ll also post video from different events, photos from all over the country and lots more. Be sure to check back often, subscribe via RSS or via email to stay in touch!



  1. Why I walk
    I walk for my son Duncan, who lives with autism and brings joy to all around him, I walk for my daughter who loves her brother unconditionally, I walk for my family as we navigate the new waters of autism diagnosis, I walk for the families I have met through autism because autism brought us together, I walk for the families we will meet through autism, I walk for our extended family and friends who have embraced and supported our family – educating themselves and us so that Duncan can be the best Duncan he can be, I walk for those families who are not living with autism so that they will understand and accept those who do live with autism, I walk for the families who cannot walk with us and finally I walk to be my son’s voice in this world, “Here us, Autism, we will not be defeated, we are strong, we are loud and We will be heard!

  2. I am having trouble submitting a blog…..HELP!!

  3. I would like to have information because a year ago my son was diagnosed with ppd and i would like to walk for him this year. I already do the walk for diabetes for my sister. wanted some support for me and him please help.

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